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Acquisition method



Priority registration

A first-to-file system is used to register desired character strings.

Implementation period Start From Feb. 10, 2016
Qualifications Those who lives in Kyoto Prefecture or who has legitimate reasons to use “.kyoto” domain. Note 1
Character strings that may be registered Character strings comprise alphanumeric characters and hyphens.
Note 1
An organization or individual may have a legitimate reason to use the .kyoto domain if either qualifies as one of the following entities.
  1. A Kyoto–area public as well as local government body
  2. A public or private institution that has a valid, substantial presence in Kyoto
  3. An organization, enterprise or other business entity that has a valid, substantial presence in Kyoto
  4. An individual who has a valid, substantial presence in Kyoto
Organizations or individuals who seek to register a .kyoto domain name but do not have a valid, substantial presence in Kyoto should contact the direct registry at after Sunrise 2 starts if any one of the following criteria applies.
  1. They are able to show how they will make positive financial contributions to Kyoto through business activity
  2. They have gained the support of Kyoto Prefecture.
  3. They enjoy the backing of the Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry or other business associations in Kyoto

Premium domain names

A registry of high-value character strings has been compiled. We believe the use of strings that express Kyoto’s culture, popular places and specialty products is extraordinarily effective toward verifying the “Kyoto brand.” These distinctive strings are valuable because of their use of general-purpose words presumed to be advantageous during the development phase of goods and services, and the ease with which strings of only 3 or 4 characters are memorized.

Examples of premium domains

Character strings prohibited from registration

To character strings prohibited from registration

Registrar list (domain sales)

Domestic registrar
Gonbei domain
Kagoya Japan Inc. http://お名前.com/newgtld/kyoto/
Taka Enterprise
Overseas registrar
Com Laude
Core Hub
IP Mirror
Net-Chinese Co., Ltd.

Since sales schedules and costs differ, please check each registrar directly.