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Registration of ".kyoto" as a Japanese domain name


The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics Cyber Kyoto Laboratory is pleased to announce the registration of the Japanese domain name ".kyoto" in the top-level geographical name domain.

As the Internet continues to grow, there is more and more demand for domain names that use characters other than the typical Roman alphabet and numbers, such as Kanji, Arabic, Cyrillic, and Greek alphabet. We are pleased to announce that we will begin accepting registrations of free and expressive Japanese domain names in addition to the existing alphanumeric domain names in the top-level domain ".kyoto" from November 20, 2018.

< Pros >

When reading alphanumeric domain names in Japanese, it can be easy to confuse the meaning of the word due to the number of homonyms in the language or it can become difficult to read the word due to the length. Check the following examples:

kaiseki ------解析? 懐石? (Both are read as kaiseki, but the first one means analysis and the second one means a traditional Japanese meal eaten before a tea ceremony)
fushimiinaritaisya ------伏見稲荷大社
nihongonoyomikaki ------日本語の読み書き

Since Japanese domain names are familiar words used in daily life, the meaning of the domain name can immediately be understood by the user. Also, because they are easy to read and remember, domain names spread easily by word of mouth and are effective in attracting customers, which helps to promote the webpage even more. “.kyoto" is a suitable top-level domain name for companies, stores, creators, etc. in Kyoto to spread information from Kyoto. Additionally, we feel using Japanese goes a perfect with Kyoto's traditional industries, culture, temples, and shrines.

< Cons >

Even though kanji characters such as ‘美’ (beauty), ‘風’ (wind), ‘道’ (road) ‘京’ (capital) are becoming more popular with foreigners due to an growing interest in Japan, domain names written in Japanese are not very suitable for overseas websites and users.

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