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Purpose of .kyoto

For the Kyoto of tomorrow

Setting up a clean domain by popularizing the Kyoto brand in cyberspace through industrial, governmental and academic collaboration

Amid the rapid growth achieved in recent years, the Internet has become indispensable for information gathering, communicating and doing business. The domain “.kyoto” creates an essential Internet element for indicating addresses.

At present, dispersing information through the vastness of the Internet has a beneficial side, including business opportunities and sites for intellectual pursuits, as well as a dark side of sites that encourage crime and spread unreliable information. This dichotomy exists naturally because management companies have not stepped up with a plan for linking information to appropriate domain names.

It’s not enough that domain names serve as “signs” indicating enterprises, organizations and individuals. They also must be “simple” and convey “pride.” The domain .kyoto is backed by Kyoto Prefecture and recognized by ICANN, the international organization for managing domain names. The goal held up by .kyoto operations manager Cyber Kyoto Laboratory (KCG Group) is to realize a safe, secure, clean domain and to promote the “Kyoto world brand” with all-Kyoto industries, governments and academia. Operations management of .kyoto ranks as a “social education enterprise.

Constructing safe, secure cyberspace for Kyoto will enable all of its residents, especially youths who will shoulder the city’s future burdens, to devise global and intellectual exchanges with peace of mind. If, in the meantime, industries, governments and academia urgently act as a body to boost the influence of the Kyoto brand globally, we are confident this will add value for all of Kyoto Prefecture. The KCG Group includes Japan’s first IT specialty school, known for its team of computer experts, as well as the nation’s first graduate school for IT studies. A proven achiever since its founding more than 50 years ago, the group works with regional and educational authorities to advance techniques for eliminating intrusions of maliciously or illegally produced information. The operation of .kyoto demonstrates pursuit of the public good. By providing an array of free services that can assure elementary, junior high and high schools within Kyoto of safe, secure Internet connections, we seek a role in improving the information environment at schools facing the challenges of the Digital Age.

The geographically titled top-level domain “.kyoto” links to Kyoto Prefecture’s status in cyberspace. As an entity poised on the true frontier of industrial, governmental and academic congruence, it is charged with collecting prefecture-related information to fortify the proud Kyoto brand. The physical and cyberspace aspects of .kyoto complement each other, making it possible to enhance Kyoto’s charms conveyed to the world over the Internet. For that reason, we expect it to contribute to the expansion of Kyoto’s social economy and culture.

Therefore, it is crucial that the compilation of diversified content for the “.kyoto” domain name connect directly with the brand value of Kyoto on the Internet. A variety of business development is likely to leverage the characteristics of the .kyoto–driven Kyoto world brand. We are committed to engaging with all of Kyoto to create a safe, secure cyberspace for the area and with the many people who will make the most of the limited number of suitable places that convey the Kyoto brand to the world.